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The Secrets of Eating Right and Living Longer

"Most mushrooms contain a substance that stimulates the immune system. Mushrooms are often used in natural therapy to help fight off illness. Some mushrooms (shitake, enoki and reishi varieties) also have anti-cancer effects."
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Another Blow to Mislabeled Products … Herba Natural Products, Inc. Enjoined from Selling Reishi (Lingzhi) Health Food Products

Leaders in the expanding industry selling Japanese red reishi (Lingzhi) mushroom extract products are cracking down on companies that appear to be selling reishi (Lingzhi) mushroom products from non-Japanese sources with packaging stating that they are products of Japan.

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China Consumer’s Association comments on Reishi spore oil

China Consumer’s Association is announcing a warning to the public that reishi spore oil does not have any medical effect and has nothing to do with cancer treatments. The content of the warning says that some companies had been over advertising the medical effects of reishi spore oil.  This kind of activity is illegal and against regulations and has been misleading to consumers.

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Fungus studied as cancer fighter

"In traditional Chinese medicine, reishi is taken to enhance memory, fight fatigue and increase longevity. Recently reishi has been touted as a remedy for cancer, HIV, Hepatitis B, herpes, altitude sickness, high blood pressure and diabetes. "
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