Who wants to live forever? Aging cure nears

Kelland, K. (2011, July 5). Who wants to live forever? Aging cure nears. The Vancouver Sun, B5.

Living beyond your 100th birthday is no longer improbable nor just a thought. In 2010, Japan alone had more than 44,000 Japanese over the age of 100. As a biomedical gerontologist and chief scientist of a British institution committed to longevity research, Aubrey de Grey announced his SENS theory is a key to living longer and healthily. It can abolish the stereotypical image of sick, weak, dependent elderly. De Grey anticipates in 25 years from now, aging could be managed through preventive geriatrics approach – to regularly repair molecular and cellular damages accumulated within the human body via medical technologies such as gene therapies, stem cell therapies, or immune stimulation. Preventive geriatrics is not an implausible concept. Stem cell therapies, for instance, are already employed in the experimental stage of treating individuals with spinal cord injuries. It may soon be applied to repairing disease-damaged brains and hearts.

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